Rebecca Flake

Rebecca Flake

Higher Education Services Advisor, Cooley LLP

Rebecca Flake focuses on federal student financial aid matters. She has been in the financial aid industry since 1990 in the capacities of a financial aid advisor, financial aid director and compliance auditor. Rebecca has extensive experience in compliance reviews, review and analysis of program review and compliance audit findings, preparation of program review responses and appeals, review of policies and procedures, technical questions and regulatory research.

Rebecca’s extensive, well-rounded industry experience has proved very effective in assisting both public and private institutions with complex and varying compliance matters. Her proactive identification of compliance concerns has allowed institutions to make essential improvements to policies and procedures in advance of a federal review or compliance audit. Her unique understanding of the “auditor perspective” allows her to provide an efficient evaluation of audit and program review findings, appropriate responses and potential resolution.

B4: Cybersecurity and Data Sharing

Salon 13

Institutions of higher education house vast amounts of confidential student and parent electronic data. Robust and compliant cybersecurity and data privacy policies and practices are increasingly vital as external threats become more aggressive and common. We will discuss the applicable regulatory requirements that apply to colleges and universities, including identifying and reporting data breaches, student […]

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