Liza Kabanova

Liza Kabanova

Risk Management Consultant, United Educators

As a Risk Management Consultant at United Educators (UE), currently leads the company’s Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) initiative, and works with colleges, universities, and independent schools as they launch or refresh ERM initiatives on campus.  Liza has been interviewing leaders in higher education, including senior administrators on campus, accreditors, ratings agencies, and cyber security and communications firms, about the current state of risk management processes and risks that education faces today as part of a 2020 update of the book Risk Management: An Accountability Guide for University and College Boards, published in partnership by UE and the Association of Governing Boards (AGB).

Prior to working at UE, Liza spent several years in the Office of Insurance and Risk at Pepperdine University, where she founded the Office of Environmental Health and Safety, established campus-wide safety initiatives including the school’s first learning management portal (LMS), and managed and developed several cross-departmental and management training programs.  She also served as the University’s Threat Assessment Team (TAT) archivist, working with senior administration on urgent threats involving Human Resources, Student Affairs, Title IX, cyber security, active shooter, and other departments and topics. She started her career as an attorney in the Philadelphia area. During law school, Liza focused on regulatory and criminal law, and served as a judicial extern for the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, the Los Angeles U.S. Attorney’s Office, DA’s Office Major Narcotics Division, and editor on the National Association of Administrative Law Judges (NAALJ).  She has a JD from Pepperdine University and graduated magna cum laude with a BA from Bucknell University.

Concurrent Keynote Presentation V – Safeguarding Community Colleges from Sexual Predators

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