Leslie Gomez

Leslie Gomez

Vice Chair, Institutional Response Group, Cozen O’Connor

Leslie Gomez focuses her practice on the institutional response to sexual and gender-based harassment and violence, child abuse, and other forms of harassment, discrimination, and criminal conduct. Leslie provides consulting, counseling, and legal advice on all aspects of the institutional response to misconduct. She assists institutions in designing effective institutional responses that integrate the complex federal and state regulatory framework with the unique dynamics of trauma and the impacts of interpersonal violence on individuals and communities. Leslie regularly advises presidents, boards, senior leadership, counsel, student affairs, human resources, campus law enforcement, Title IX Coordinators, and other campus partners in implementing trauma-informed, fair, and impartial processes.

B1. Navigating Free Speech, Campus Protests and Public Safety

Salon 10

In the aftermath of high profile protests and campus demonstrations, this session will explore lessons learned from the University of Virginia, the University of California at Berkeley and the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. It will address the intersection between free speech and public safety and the legal and practical complexities and challenges.

Student Affairs

B15. Title IX: Navigating Title IX in a Sea of Changes: The Proposed Rule, Procedural Protections, and Enforcement Actions

Salon 14

This session will explore effective practices to integrate the legal and regulatory framework related to sexual and gender-based harassment and violence, coordinate the institutional response, and build an effective compliance program.  The session will discuss the impacts of recent due process court cases, the pending Title IX rule making process, and recent Title IX and […]

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