Valencia Employee Registration

Notice: Valencia Employees Should Not Use a P-Card to Register

2019 Valencia Employee Registration

We appreciate your interest in our conference.  If you have selected Valencia employee registration, you are an employee who is interested in registering for the conference. Please read on for the methods of payment accepted for Valencia hosted conferences followed by a few simple steps to register. Should you assistance, please call Conferencing & College Events at 407-582-5106 or email us at

Payment Instructions:

  • There are two accepted payment methods for Valencia hosted conference registrations for college employees:
    • Employee Development Funds (EDF)  – Formerly known as SPD
    • Department funds (in-district travel funds account 605010, which must be approved by budget manager)
  • Forms of payment not permitted for Valencia hosted conference registrations:
    • Procurement cards (p-cards)
    • Check requests (unless paid through grant funding)
  • A third possible payment method is grant funding, which must be approved by the grant budget manager. Check with your department to see if any grant funding is available.
  • Per diems are for department use only and should not be submitted to accounts payable.
  • Please submit a standard mileage reimbursement form to accounts payable at MC DO-330 for conference related parking and mileage using department funds.
  • If you are paying conference registration with department budget funds, you need only complete steps 2 and 3 below.
  • Once Conferencing and College Events has received the completed and approved forms from your Campus ODHR office, we will complete the transaction with accounts payable internally via a budget transfer prior to the conference.

The registration process is simple—just follow these four steps!

  • STEP 1 Complete a Employee Development Request for Tuition Reimbursement or Conference Registration (EDF) (Downloadable Form)  form with supervisory approval. All questions regarding EDF funds (formerly known as SPD) and eligibility should be directed to your ODHR Regional Campus Solution Center by calling 407-582-4748. *Note: EDF funds cover registration fees only and cannot be used for travel, books or additional materials.
  • STEP 2 Complete an Authorization for Travel or Absence from Campus form with supervisory approval (click on the link to see a sample of how to complete this form).  Your anticipated mileage and parking expenses should not be listed on the Authorization for Travel form since the conference is in-district.  After the conference, you can submit a Mileage Reimbursement Form for those expenses. *Note:  If using department funds, please send approved Authorization for Travel form directly to Conferencing and College Events, Attn: Conferencing & College Events, MC DO-21 so we can initiate the transfer of funds.
  • STEP 3 Click on the Register Now button below to complete your online registration. It is critical that you select “Submit Attendee” at the end of your registration process. Do not use the option to “Submit and Pay Now”. Be sure to print your registration information.
  • STEP 4 Submit the EDF form, Authorization for Travel Form with your Learning Assessment registration form OR a copy of your registration confirmation to your Regional ODHR Solution Center. Please note that EDF forms with supervisor approval must be received by ODHR prior to the first date of the conference, February 17, 2019. For questions regarding EDF forms, please call the HR4U extension for assistance at 407-582-4748.   Note: Your EDF registration payment will be initiated by Conferencing & College Events as mentioned above.

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