Stephanie Spong

Stephanie Spong

Campus Director, Faculty & Instructional Development, Valencia College

Stephanie Spong, PhD, is a Campus Director of Faculty and Instructional Development at Valencia College where she directs two Centers for Teaching/Learning Innovation across three campuses and supports faculty in course design, pedagogy/andragogy, professional development, and learning technology. She is co-author of articles published in Journal of Business and Technical Communications, Computers and Composition, and Kairos: A Journal of Rhetoric, Technology, and Pedagogy.

B9. Assessment for Deeper Engagement: Designing Faculty Development Experiences

Salon 11

What happens when you see faculty development through the lens of engagement rather than training? How does it frame the way you hear feedback, analyze and use data, and design programs? This presentation will guide you through this perspective shift, the resulting strategies, and the impact for a large multi-campus college with an established faculty […]

Assessment In Practice

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