Sarah Hoiland

Sarah Hoiland

Assistant Professor, City University of New York--Hostos Community College

Sarah L. Hoiland is an Assistant Professor of Sociology at Hostos Community College, which is located in the South Bronx. She taught in the Florida College System for 5 years (2008-2013) at Polk State College prior to CUNY and still feels very much at home in central Florida. Her areas of pedagogical research include numeracy and faculty development, service-learning, and online learning assessment.

A4. Assessing Numeracy in a Faculty Development Program

Salon 12

This session will focus attention on strategies for assessing quantitative reasoning (QR) at community colleges. The presenter is one of two principal investigators of a National Science Foundation (NSF) faculty development program titled Numeracy Infusion for College Educators (NICE). Dr. Hoiland will discuss how faculty develop QR learning goals, QR assignments, and QR assessments in […]

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