Patricia Diawara

Patricia Diawara

Executive Director of Institutional Effectiveness, Pikes Peak Community College

Patricia Diawara has been the Executive Director of Institutional Effectiveness at Pikes Peak Community College since 2014. Her primary responsibilities are to advance student learning assessment in both academic and co-curricular programs, ensure compliance with regional accreditation requirements, and coordinate a wide range of institutional research activities.

B17. Implementing and Assessing High-Impact Educational Practices in Student Services

Salon 13

If you’ve ever wondered how much co-curricular activities, instructional support services, and student employment opportunities contribute to student learning, this session is for you! Through a number of examples (e.g. first year experiences, multicultural events, community-based projects), presenters will illustrate how non-academic departments have used outcomes-based assessment to quantify student learning and continuously improve the […]

Student Support Services

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