Kim Vosicky

Kim Vosicky

Curriculum Consultant, WIDS

Ms. Vosicky’s background in communications led her to course design contract consulting for one of the Wisconsin Technical College System colleges. For over 20 years she has worked for the Worldwide Instructional Design System (WIDS) as a software trainer and curriculum consultant working closely with clients on program and course level outcomes-based learning and assessment design. She has walked along side and facilitated multiple college administration and faculty on program alignment and assessment planning, turn-key course development, including active learning strategies and learning objects for both the face-to-face and online learning platforms.

B15. Using Consensus Workshops to Develop Outcomes in All Areas of the Institution

Salon 11

Real comprehensive assessment is relatively new in higher education, and very few of those working in the higher education arena have been taught how to write appropriate, measurable outcomes and develop assessment plans; therefore, assessment systems must be much more than establishing deadlines and providing templates if the systems are going to be effective. Tri-County […]

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