Kanchana Mendes

Kanchana Mendes

Professor of Biology, Oakton Community College

Kanchana Mendes is a Professor and Coordinator of Biology at Oakton Community College, where she also serves as a co-Chair of the curriculum committee and is also on the Transfer team for Oakton’s Program of Assessment of Learning (OPAL). She earned her Ph.D. in Microbiology and Molecular Genetics at Oklahoma State University, and has a passion for teaching, mentoring, and service in higher education.

B13. Peel the Assessment Onion Without Crying: An Improved Model for Assessing General Education

Salon 9

Institutionally, we all have key skills we want our students to possess when they leave our schools, regardless of discipline. General education (GE) learning outcomes (LOs) define those learning competencies that transcend disciplines and unite us as educators. Despite their importance, assessing student learning of GE outcomes can be extremely difficult to plan, structure, and […]

Institutional Effectiveness

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