H. Ray Keith

H. Ray Keith

Director of Instructional Intervention and Support, Community College of Aurora

H. Ray Keith holds a Master’s Degree in Higher Education from the University of Denver. At the Community College of Aurora, he is the Director of Instructional Intervention and Support. This department provides professional development in research-based strategies for teaching and learning, facilitates the analysis of student success, and engages in development of instructional interventions with faculty and instructors. Mr. Keith leads initiatives designed to improve student academic performance and eliminate equity gaps for the diverse student body at the college. Prior to joining higher education, he worked in K-12 as high school counselor, administrator, and educational consultant. His career has focused on student success and retention for under-represented populations. Inclusive excellence, culturally responsive pedagogy, access, retention, and academic achievement are his research emphasis.

B4. Re-Imagining Classroom Instruction: Using Data, Research, and Assessment to Inform Inclusive Teaching and Learning for ALL Students

Salon 12

How can we… Ensure Equity in Opportunity for all students? Ensuring equity in opportunity in the classroom requires intentional assessment and evaluation of the student experience while having a willingness to disrupt the status quo. Identifying the systemic barriers that impede student success can lead to cultivating new approaches to teaching and learning, while uprooting […]

Equity Opportunity

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