Dave Brunick

Dave Brunick

Program Chair/Professor, Information Technology Computer Programming & Analysis, Valencia College

David Brunick has been a Professor of Computer Programming and Analysis at Valencia College, East Campus since 2002 bringing with him 30 years of experience in multiple technology disciplines and various business applications.  Professor Brunick has been the Program Chair for Information Technology and Computer Programming degrees since 2008.  As a member of Society for Information Management Central Florida Chapter, he engages local industry leaders to determine best fit of Valencia programs to meet their new employee skills requirements.

B14. Engaging Advisory Boards and Industry Professionals in Assessment Practices

Salon 10

Industry experts and advisory boards can be a critical component of your assessment process. In this panel session faculty and deans who have fully integrated advisory board members into their assessment decision-making will share strategies for engaging an advisory board and successes from their A.S. degree programs. Attendees will have the opportunity to develop first […]

Long-Term Impact

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