Christina Horton

Christina Horton

Director of Advising and Articulation, San Antonio College

Christina Horton is currently the Director of Advising at San Antonio College in San Antonio, Texas. With 14 years of experience in higher education, she has served as an instructor, academic advisor and career counselor. A former NISOD award winner, she oversees the holistic advising and case management of the approximately 20,000 students at San Antonio College.
Embracing the concept of “advising is teaching”, she and her team of Certified Advisors develop, assess and track learning outcomes for students. The results of these assessments are used to inform decision-making and improve student-advisor interactions.

B6. Changing the “WHAT?” in Student Support Services Assessment

Salon 14

Historically Student Support Services have measured achievement by the amount of students reached from the services provided or the quality of customer service. At San Antonio College, we have moved into the future by focusing on Student Support Services as an important part of a student’s road to learning. The culture has evolved by recognizing […]

Student Support Services

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