Brandon Williams

Brandon Williams

Department Chair, Social Sciences, Community College of Aurora

Dr. Brandon Williams came to Community College of Aurora in 2015 with over ten years of experience in teaching in university, community-college, and high school settings. While Dr. Williams received his Ph.D from West Virginia University, and his Masters of Arts from James Madison University, he is most proud of the Associates of Arts Degree he received from Broome Community College. Since coming to CCA, Dr. Williams has overseen the creation, development, and supervision of History Gatekeeper initiatives, and in his new role as Department Chair, he is now overseeing the development of discipline and department specific assessments for the Social Sciences Program. Dr. Williams’s historical research focuses on teacher unionists who sought to remove racial barriers in New York City classrooms during Northern Jim Crow. This research has informed his current efforts to create an equitable learning environment and close achievement gaps within CCA.

B4. Re-Imagining Classroom Instruction: Using Data, Research, and Assessment to Inform Inclusive Teaching and Learning for ALL Students

Salon 12

How can we… Ensure Equity in Opportunity for all students? Ensuring equity in opportunity in the classroom requires intentional assessment and evaluation of the student experience while having a willingness to disrupt the status quo. Identifying the systemic barriers that impede student success can lead to cultivating new approaches to teaching and learning, while uprooting […]

Equity Opportunity

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