Brandon McKelvey

Brandon McKelvey

Vice President, Analytics and Planning, Institutional Research, Valencia College

Brandon is an experienced educational administrator with expertise in data analysis, planning and research. He earned a bachelor’s degree in sociology from the University of Florida and attended Florida State University as a Presidential Fellow, earning a master’s and doctorate of science in sociology. Brandon completed a two-year fellowship with Harvard University and the Center for Education Policy Research through the Strategic Data Project and has served as a member of statewide committees supporting the implementation of accountability systems and statistical models.
Prior to accepting his role at Valencia, Brandon served as the associate superintendent of research, accountability and grants at Orange County Public Schools (OCPS). He also served as the senior director for accountability, research and assessment at OCPS and as a data analyst at Seminole County Public Schools.

B3. Learning Outcomes and Course Success

Salon 11

As access to multiple measures of student learning expands, there is an increased responsibility to make meaning of the data and take action at different levels. This session provides models and strategies to engage faculty, deans, and other administrators in collaborative, data-informed improvement practices that integrate learning outcomes data, course success data, and disaggregated data. […]

Assessment In Practice

A5. Data and Transfer Pathways

Salon 13

In this session, Valencia College and the University of Central Florida will share data visualizations and tools that have been jointly developed to provide student data on transfer pathways. Information will be shared on the process for developing and validating transfer data along with its role in improving program assessment.

Long-Term Impact

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