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Opening Session, Keynote | Aligning Goals, Assessment, and Pedagogy: Assignment Design as a Key Faculty Activity

Effective collegiate learning experiences are not easy to create because they demand intentional alignment among three things: a) clear goals for student attainment stated in outcomes terms, b) carefully designed curricular and pedagogical strategies structured to yield these goals and, c) reliable ways to assess student attainment of these goals that can be aggregated for purposes of both improvement and accountability.  Based on a range of projects in the U.S. funded by the Lumina Foundation, this session argues that carefully designed assignments, created by faculty and “embedded” in regular classroom settings, represent the best approach to useful assessment consistent with these ideals.  Doing this well, though requires systematic attention to constructing sound assignments that are capable of generating consistent and comparable student responses that can be scored to yield generalizable information.

Location: Grand Ballroom A/B Date: February 5, 2017 Time: 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm Peter Ewell