B13. Peel the Assessment Onion Without Crying: An Improved Model for Assessing General Education

Salon 9

Institutionally, we all have key skills we want our students to possess when they leave our schools, regardless of discipline. General education (GE) learning outcomes (LOs) define those learning competencies that transcend disciplines and unite us as educators. Despite their importance, assessing student learning of GE outcomes can be extremely difficult to plan, structure, and implement, as there are many of layers of the process to manage. In this session, we will share with attendees how we transformed our GE learning outcomes into well-defined tools that represent our institutional mission, vision, and strategic plan and can be used across disciplines to drive meaningful measurement of students’ GE learning. We will also share the details of our newly-implemented GE pilot project, which embeds GE assessment in the departments, aligns GE assessment to departmental needs and goals, and advances GE assessment, intentionality in teaching, and student learning across the institution. Attendees will discuss their challenges in assessing GE LOs, view examples of our transformed GE LOs, and will leave with a planning worksheet to improve institutional GE assessment at their home institution.

Institutional Effectiveness

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