A2. Creating Sustainable Assessment Through Foundations and Processes

Salon 10

Creating sustainable assessment within an organization begins with solid foundations; however, many technical colleges or community colleges may have more content experts than curriculum experts. Preparing and providing the content experts with the tools and resources they need to be successful in assessment begins with the basic fundamentals in education. Creating a glossary of terms and demonstrating how course competencies lead to course learning outcomes, course learning outcomes lead to program learning outcomes, and program learning outcomes lead to institutional outcomes needs to be accomplished before moving forward into assessment processes. Defining the types of assessment and the frequency of assessment required will layout the format needed for creating processes. Once the processes are laid out, we have learned the biggest asset to sustainable assessment has been providing resources to the faculty. Having an assessment department and assessment champions on campus will aid faculty that are struggling with assessment, and provide them assistance in finding the resources to improve their assessment or being someone to share ideas.

Institutional Effectiveness

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